Social-Fi Elements

Minions Karaoke app will update many other interesting features in the next updated versions.
· $Minionsinu will provide an alternative to fiat currency and enhance digital payments
· Connect with international friends and share your work to become an idol on Minionsinu's music platform
· Give and be given flowers, gifts, diamonds which can be converted into STM, STE tokens for liquidity
· Create NFTs from your own MVs, recordings
· Voice & video calling
· Using the dating feature to make friends
· Easily searching for information by song number, song title or artist’s name by using clearly listed categories and full of genres
· Sound effects as a professional studio
· Save the playlist you recorded.
· Easy to share and enjoy with friends
· The app is always updated with new songs, which fills your passion for singing. You can socialize and chat with people who have similar musical interests
· Live sing allows you to sing and perform with friends and other music lovers all over the world
· Share your talent and passion for singing with people via social media Minionsinu and other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat.