Singing Modes

In Minionsinu Karaoke App, users are equipped with a Microphone in the form of NFT to perform their chosen song and afterwards earn tokens. Energy is needed to earn STM. Each micro contains 100 energy, which will decrease after each singing reducing the amount of STM earned. To overcome this problem, users need GEM to repair or upgrade the Micro (Refer to Micro section).
STE/ STM will be paid out after each song, which is dependent on following main factors:
1. Type of Micro: Basically, different types of Micro have different styles
2. Rarity: There are many types of Micro with different levels and ability to earn
3. Energy of Micro: Energy will decrease after each singing and therefore reduce the amount of STM earned
4. Activity level: Each user has 20 points per day, 1 point will be deducted after each song, this number of points determines if the user will be rewarded with STM tokens